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New Stainless Steel Rat and Mouse Prevention Grills

MouseMesh mouse control airbrick grills with stainless steel surrounds to make them rat-proof

Why Stainless Steel?

Experience has shown that rats are able to chew through the plastic surrounds of normal airbrick mouse prevention grills. Where rats may be a problem, we recommend the use of these much tougher stainless steel airbrick grills which will are impervious to rat attacks.

Rat Prevention Grills

These new rat prevention grills ("ratmesh") are made entirely from stainless steel and are very durable. They are supplied with stainless steel fixing screws to remove the possibility that rats could prise the grill from the brickwork.

Buy our Stainless Steel Rat / Mouse Grills

See our buy page and purchase our stainless grills via Paypal (no Paypal account required)

Please note: Available in the UK only at the present time.

Stainless Steel Grill Sizes

The sizes are the same as our normal ABS surround Mousemesh grills. The smallest of our airbrick covers is designed for a standard airbrick occupying the normal nine inch brick from which the majority of houses are built.

Some airbricks occupy more than one course of bricks and so we offer two larger sizes.

  • Small MouseMesh: width: 245mm (9.75ins) - height: 95mm (3.75ins)
  • Medium MouseMesh: width: 245mm (9.75ins) - height: 170mm (6.75ins)
  • Large MouseMesh: width: 245mm (9.75ins) - height: 245mm (9.75in)
Testimonial from WestCoastBoy, January 2014

I bought these directly as I wanted the all metal rat version (see web site). Ordered three covers just after Christmas and they arrived before the New Year. A very speedy and efficient service. We usually have to add on a few days for post as we are in a rural Scottish town.

The vent covers seem very well made and came with screws and hole plugs. We decided to screw the vents as the house is 100 years old and we may need to take them off one day. Being of sandstone construction the wall can be a little bit bumpy however there was enough flexibility in the frame to leave no gaps.

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