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Tony Carr receives Gold Award for Mouse Mesh

The inventor of Mouse Mesh, the specialist pest control product for preventing mice from entering properties via the air bricks, has received the prestigious Gold Award at the Inventor of the Year show held at Alexandra Palace in London, run by the British Inventors Society (BIS). The BIS event, held from 14-17 October 2009 attracted inventors from all over the world.

GMTV interviews Tony Carr of Mouse Mesh

Tony Carr and his mouse prevention products also featured in news of the BIS event on ITV's breakfast television progamme, GMTV. Presenter Matt Arnold spoke to Tony about his humane pest control invention which is gaining wide acceptance in buildings both in the UK and abroad - both on existing buildings are as part of the design specification for new buildings.

Tony Carr - inventor of MouseMesh anti-mouse grills receives inventor's award

See the article about Tony's award on Page 8 of Ham and High Broadway 5 November

Tony's invention, the Mousemesh is now available in three sizes and three colours of plastc frame - plus the all-stainless steel, rat proof version. You can make your home mouse proof, rat proof, indeed pest free, by fixing Mousemesh grills over your airbicks.
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